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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chapter 567 (First photoshoot in 2017 O3O)

First photoshoot in 2017
Nozomi in Hanfu Version.

Want to try blog back but I don't know this year I can contribute how much post...Orz :(
I remember how much I love my blog that I can post almost everyday but of cause when I getting older? Errr more like my priority keep on changing and changing then my blog somehow got abandon but I don't want to give up on my blog.

I feel like whenever I really need a rest or something, blog or only in this place, I can find peaceful-ness...
Another word, I feel myself too annoying until I don't think I can get along with anyone but somehow I am glad that the starting of 2017, there is nothing big change? Maybe I should contribute a post for this matter? Hrmmmm

Ok back to the photoshoot topic:- (All photos took using my iphone6, with selfie stick, selfie light (Indoor using it) and 360 camera apps, too lazy using photowonder..Hrmmm)

Thanks my beloved Piggie for this shoot.
Sometimes or most of the times, she does nag me for those shoot because costume bought so must shoot but I am damn lazy T3T
Real fact, I just scare my posing will trouble photographer haha..I am not a good poser..:')
Although I must admit my selfies is pro...*wink wink* HAHAH

Michael the photographer!! OmO!! Million thanks oh~~ Hahaha..
Thanks for shooting our Hanfu version..
I do hope in future if I can managed to ask Piggie to do a Hanfu (No any version) just Hanfu, maybe can ask Michael again, wonder will he say yes or no..LOL
Let see how in future since I admit I am quite lazy to cosplay...
Priority changes :/ Boooo~!!

Last but not least, post this one..My innocent look with my weird hand pose hahaa..Oh dear.. :(

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chapter 566 (Lovely Selfie+Continue UK POST!)

Gambling a happiness of chips,
In the street of full of peoples think about him,
How is him right now?
However I can't give you the answer you want.
But you must filled with happiness ah.


Nice selfie right, I also think is nice, Haha...Look so docile good student... The real fact is so horrible anyway...*dig nose*


Malaysia time is 1pm.. I think my sleeping time routine is suit in UK...Information, now more worst...LOL I totally sleep at UK Time...*3*

8:23am My mom scold me cause why I wore short pant..Err mommy, I only got one long pant.
Have to wear legging de..
Apparently. I don't have any long pant before I go UK so I throw all short pant and really mom nag me like hell..T_T

Don't care is at where but ice-cream is a must to eat! *nom nom*
9:37am Time to go out and play. Really love the weather in here. Chill and cold. Ok I spot a horse!! *meeps!* Btw, I forgot to mention own thing that is their bus inside don't have aircond.You know I used to said I like BRT because aircond. I need cold air but in UK bus, I think even don't have aircond is still kind of windy, of cause out of the bus, is cold!!!!!!!!! *freeze*!!!

10:24am Sitting on top of this bus.(is this what you call double-decker?) Not deny I don't like man to super near close to me, not your problem, is mine. Wish you can walk out from this bus...I just don't like...I am....*slap myself*!

All happily eating ice-cream..:D

11:00am Stumble a shop and seriously saying I have no idea what to buy for friends, all the item look so expensive for me..T3T If there a way I can delivery food back, I confirm will. Just noticed out that I actually willing to spend money on food and make up or beauty product. Even in Malaysia, food, make up product or beauty product... *wink wink*

12:20pm I spend 100 pound..Don't ask me what I spend..I want to cry...T3T Ok I spend another 100 pound..Stress..Kill me please.. Please visit my funeral because I spent 50 pound again! Wth usually I can spend 100 pound for like a month plus in Malaysia. OmO ..T3T

1:36pm I just noticed that their staircase is very scary, I am scare..T3T Luckily that I no longer afraid of staircase hehe..*I used to have phobia of staircase*

2:25pm Ermm time for resting hehe..

4:00pm Is super windy here, my wifi seem to have problem again..Sad Die Me!

4:20pm Err, I lost my lips balm, want cry already..If I not mistaken the lips balm I just bought and is lost, like wth? Damn~!!

5:30pm Time to go eat and today eat with Mommy's ex-boss. One more sentences I don't want to spend money in here again, or not I will cry...

5:50pm I think I am a worst kid ever, I am not denying that I got a bit of jealous..*geez*! Oh gosh, I guess I am a very possessive seme.( ̄^ ̄)ゞ <--- feeling="" font="" gosh="" hell="" i="" increased="" jealousy="" kill="" level="" like="" man="" me="" my="" need="" now.="" oh="" out="" someone="" spam..i="" t_t="" throw="" to="" wifi="">

6:45pm I actually planned to tell out what I feels tonight but sighed..Something is better kept inside my heart.(INFJ problem)

Me and the cutie pie little brother...Hehe!

7:25pm Now sitting this long type of bus to go back home. Feel guilty making little bro emo..*dig nose* but he is damn darn cute haha! Kai Ting is damn adorable..I am still saying kid that age around 4++ always attracted me haha!!

9:30pm Back to home..Mommy making the bread toast again..Very yummy although unhealthy but what to do, is food and yummy and they said unhealthy food sometimes very yummy!! Muahahah!

10:35pm Resting at home while is time for MengMo fanfic!! *love* Need to read all the fanfic that get tagged *love love love*Funeral forget about it..only spend on food..Cheap food..
(Please there is nothing cheap in here!..Sandwich 2pound feel so cheap until convert system pop out...Is 12buck.)
PS:Now think back is actually quite ok with the price, the food there is so yummy, even slightly expensive also feel hrmmm, not that pricey...HEHE!
Now time for rolling on bed, hugging elephant.
Btw, Malaysia time should be 5:40am.

Ok till then!! HOHO!

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Chapter 565 (Old post plus random)

Fall in love with you is an accident
Hoping this accident can stay forever..

Let continue my post from UK!

Now is 8:28am, going to my second flight then will finally see mama. All the feeling is so mix up right now. T3T
Sitting this bus that will take me to my flight and my first feeling is "same as BRT"
8:38am(Amsterdam Time)

The second plane due to small one so there is no TV for me, end up sleeping. Thought should be playing Ipad but end up still sleep..LOL

Got snack to eat then continue sleep..Btw,those stewardess is so pretty hehe!!
The bread is very yummy and so does the biscuit..*happy stomach filled with food*

ALL IS SO YUMMY AH!! T3T I suddenly miss this snack..*sob sob*

Reaching soon maybe in 10 more min. Ok so time going to change to UK which is 8:33am now. Malaysia time is 3:33am.

Now in UK

Finally can see mommy..TT...something feel so unreal and unrealistic..Can time stop now?? But I want my daddy beside me..*suddenly feel myself is a selfish kid*

Omg, the house is so nice!I really love the house in UK, something old yet comfy... >///<
Ok I am like a kampung kid looking around..*dig nose*
They said 50 pound is cheap to drive and back from house to airport to house too.
I was like 50 pound...Errr 300++ le, where is the cheap?@.@

Mommy room, small but comfy..:)

Reached to mommy house.
I am so emo right now.
Btw I actually like UK building. *hrmmm*


I am tired and sleepy..Doze awhile first..*Listening to Shamo's cover song*

Me and Mommy *love*

Me and Leng Ma...*love*

I end up din't sleep lol!
Now going out and explore..Hoho
Cause is my fist time sit double decker hence I I sister to sit at the top..XD!

No double decker, stress so is ok..~
Mommy said under family package will be 8pound++ all day..(mommy and aunty said cheap..) Errr 46++ le..*convert mood turn on*

When parking weekday is more than weekend..Like seriously?!
Come all way here eat Burger King. I am pro lol~!
First food cost 6.39 pound..I want cry..Give me a room now.
O.O the penny size is so cute and different..

The coins

I think I am going to spend 25 pound for a pair of shoes..I want to cry..=~=..150 buck..*heart break to pieces*..Someone borrow me a knife to stab myself.

I just notice one thing, my mom here drink Evian(the expensive mineral water)..omg Malaysia here so expensive..*Mom, salute!*
Oh ya, there this guy that came from China and damn he is aged of 30 but look young.
No wonder my Shamo , Xiao Meng and Xiao Cai also look like teenager.(noted: they just 20++ ok!)

Went to visit my mom's preview boss and awww...Those kids is so adorable cute and also adorable monster.(Those nails is done by those kids if you wondering)
Today I feel myself spend 80 pound?! =~= *ok I really need people to give me a knife and stab myself*

Say hiiiiiiii to those adorable kids *kyaaa*

Malaysia time should be around 2:26am.. Ermm I don't really have any jet lag moment but can't deny I got a bit tired. TT
Mommy told me the wifi is down when it rain.TT
I saw some of MengMo/MoMeng tagged me in their fanfic. The urge of reading is here.XD
Mommy making pasta today and why I can type so much cause I am lying on the sofa while hugging elephant.

Mommy forbid me to go out and in anymore because ermm I already took bath and my eyes is getting red..😭😭😭
Mommy tell me to sleep first but then she said eat mee, ya no pasta de. Eat mee then sleep.
Hrmm. I think that all for today.

Ok end of today and again crapping level increase lol!

Alright tata, PS: I selfie a lot during UK trip, no joke...HAHA

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chapter 56(heart) (Spam old post??)

One of my selfie during UK Trip...
(I been repeat time and time but yes, my face is damn flawless during UK Trip, 360 camera settle everything, no need extra edit)
So I decided to spam my UK trip in here since already type in my phone so will slightly modified...Hoho~

12.06.2016, went inside the flight. 

Inside Flight
Is my first time on flight for going to such a far away place.(The feeling of scare+excited and so many thing is mixed up)
Sincerely saying, I really got a bit scare due is long trip and I rarely go out....I am such an ancient human being~~

My sis and my dad send to the airport...Hehe!! Together with my Kai Ma (Ah Peng) and one more aunty...My sis bless me to have fun which I also bless myself to have fun too..LOL!

Back inside the flight.

I not sure is it I deleted other picture but this is the only picture I can find in my phone LOL!

The night view is so beautiful, I don't know how to describe it but is like an art.
By the way, I watched Zootopia because they don't have BL movie. *They should just insert Youtube, then I can watch MIR*
So after that is the following next day, I keep on playing with country time because I am damn bored. Not to mention that I sat alone during inside the flight, so ermm hrmmm, I am totally alone but since I don't want with my Kai Ma or with aunty, if they touch certain topic that I don't like, not good ah~


Malaysia time:1:36am
Thanks to the noisy airplane sound , I end up close Zootopia and listen to some Chinese song but seriously they don't have any song that I listened.(ok, some Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom etc etc also ok cause I know they confirm don't have those music I always listen...My taste of listening music change...Booo)!

Around 1:50am Ok, I finally found some music I always listen..XD!!!

Now is 2:13am They close the light while I am listening to Della Ding song..Hoho
AwA, I actually want wifi right now, want to check on my wattpad, my Weibo, spam Twitter and Insta.
Bloody Angel watching MIR.(is ok, I only watch when Eng sub is available) listen song and tried to sleep and I saw the guy beside me got orange juice, Hrmm I wait they open light and I am going to ask for orange juice too..*I also want eat ahhh*!

3:09am I tired to sleep, cannot, listen music sleep=cannot. No music then sleep=cannot..Errr...Don't tell me I need wait around 5am++ only can sleep?! My sleeping time is totally become worse. Someone want save me? T3T
I guess my life is really a must to have wifi..

5:00am Woke up from my sleep. Guess I just sleep like one hour? Ok stomach not feeling good..why I am a unhealthy kid?!<----i complain="" feeling="" i="" sick..="3=</font" whenever="">

7.20am Woke up again and one thing I can said I cannot difference my stomach pain or gastric pain. All I know is sleep and tried to ignore my pain.

8:50am I check out outside the window, the light amused me again and yes I have constipation..Moody moody. Now cannot sleep so watch movie..re-watch Zootopia because Zootopia is love LOL!

10:32am Got Big Hero 6 movie and I haven't watch yet and so many movie I also haven't watch yet....Movie time!
Did people told me that Hero is such a cool ass human!!! I need him as my boyfriend!!k I need Tadashi as my boyfriend..I need a gentleman.. Ok I want baymax as my boyfriend..(How many human I want it to be my boyfriend???HRMMM!!)
I took back my word, Tadashi win my heart..What the!! Handsome! Gentleman! Win!

10:50am Is time for breakfast!! First time breakfast in plane, got a bit nervous and excited and breakfast is love..Breakfast+Big Hero is Love!
My breakfast...Hue Hue..(I found back some old picture)
Ok why Tadashi die?! Ok why my Tadashi die?! Please explain to me.. 11:09am Ok satisfied breakfast but seem like my stomach have that pain again..Sigh, when I will reach to my next transit.?? =3=
11:29am Another 45 min I am reaching the the next place which yay! Finally can steal free wifi, contact papa and mama~~!!
11:48am Some announcement state that I am going to arrived to this Amsterdam soon...Err let me watch finish Big Hero first..
11:56am Why you steal Tadashi away and then steal Baymax...I want cry now..*praying I can watch finish before I reach to a new place that is 6 hour behind from Malaysia... Yay Baymax never leave I want Kobe and Bobby now..They are my personal companies.

12:04pm (13.06.2016)

Malaysia time.
(My 12 hour of sitting this plane finally over..Butt pain

Amsterdam Time( this place is so green..)(that is what I saw above)

12:19pm I thought I might use my data but no service..Errr..Free wifi, where are you?

All for now...
My favorites pic for my first flight, AwA!
Yes by judging this picture, I sit at the corner that nearby window hoho~~ Love ya~

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chapter 563 (Pooofffffffffffff~)

Feel like super long time never do blogging and I don't know where to start with...
So just want post a picture to remind myself, if I were to get lonely again, I still got my blog ahhhh!!~

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Chapter 562 ( A visit to a place)

Hi human..
My name is Phoebe..
A girl who studying ACCA ( dying in ACCA) 
A weirdo girl that rarely admit she is human..
Back to serious topic..Opps~~!!

So today I go to Shah Alam myself which is very rare, although I no longer "P" but still I don't have that habits to drive far away places unless is the condition forces me or most of the times, I got friend accompany me to go to those places but today is just me alone, with my phone and bag to go to Shah Alam just to visit one of my darling.. 


Here my beloved darling..
She tall pretty awesome cute girl but not when she mad..SHE LOOK SO SCARY, I almost want cry my heart out..
I told her I scare of scary human..T...T
But she got a very high tolerance, she can tolerate me a lot.. TRUST ME, seldom human can tolerate me.. I feel whoever can stand my behavior is either they are too angel or they don't know how to differentiate a real demon.. *Opps*~~

See my pretty darling, she not really good at selfie pose so her face all same LOL!! 
But she still look so sweet and angelic.. Awww!!
She show me around her campus, take me go eat and we chatted a lot of stuff..
It was really nice to get to see her, at least one of my event list is cancel off.. <3 font="">

Darling, one day I should make you addicted to selfie..I WILL U WAIT ME OK?  She confirm going to ignore me :(!! 
She always hurt my poor heart yet she still showering lot of love to me.. 

I will remember our first real meet up, you were behind me, message me "turn behind"..
That moment, I will always remember even one day we became stranger..Ok?? :')

OK, head back to my reality cruel world..I am dead die doom..GG..~~

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chapter 561 (Love toward my stuff?)

Maybe I found another world that I really felt comfortable about it, so I don't mind being so introvert and alone most of the times.
PS:Vampire teeth don't like me..I look so weird but in same time , I love it~

Today posted what?? Hrmmm..
Just focus on few stuff I love or I should make it my priority for now.

  • ACCA.
ACCA is my priority..I don't want fail it nor I want to put it as my regret black dot in my life. Selfish enough to think like that?? No, cause there sometimes I really need to put all these more important than other.
I know people will said "You cannot think like that..Then like this, ditch all your friends and your friend will dislike you".

If you were my friend, you should understand what is important to me for now in the year and coming few year.
If you were my friend, please understand if I say "don't want to go out" is because I usually around the corner of my critic exam month..
If you were my friend, be patience with me, I know I already age of 20 but so what?? I still under my parent's shelter..What I have now is given by them. So please understand. 
Like I mentioned, I really not saying anyone but seriously sometimes, I really hope I can do my own stuff, had my own plan going on..

  • My Family
My family, like I mentioned is super important than outsider..Ok deal with it, I love my family > outsider..

  • My freaking few important group of friends
To my friends that I really appreciated, please please don't make me get stressed when I can't hang out with you all and when I having my critic exam month.
I really love you all and I said if I can, I will want to hang out too but wait when I sembreak..I will automatically come and find you all and be super annoying as well..

  • Cosplay, Fujoshi, Nerd, Introvert Life
Like I stated I got my own world, I don't really like to go out and socialize with other human. I love to spend time on stuff I love to do alone. Maybe is my sickness, maybe is my phobia but sorry I am a selfish weirdo, I do care what people think of me but that only last for few day, or maybe one day then come back again to me.
You know, this call self hurt..I do "self hurt" for myself and only I can do for myself..Lalalaa~~

Till now then, the thought of posted what I really want is here..Just want to spam my dear blog, sorry for dumping you..Love you the most..~~

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